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Taking Back Your Personal Power

All too often I’ll have clients leave my office super stoked about leading a healthier lifestyle and achieving wellness goals, just to say in almost the same sentence – – “I do really well for 3 weeks and then it all stops. We’ll see what happens this time.”. Usually this causes my insides to tighten and clench and I have this huge desire to say “Waaaaaiiiiiitttt a minute. Sit back down here. We’re going to need another hour. Lets talk about that last comment…..”

What makes the 3rd week any different than the first week? Or the present moment, when one is filled with motivation, gusto and confidence. What happens in 3 weeks?

We have tendencies to have these lavish goals and high expectations simply because we are thinking about making changes. And then comes the doing.

Our brains are designed to create short cuts and work less. It likes the wiring that is there and doesn’t like to change it as much. Every time we choose to do something differently, our brain, our mind and because its all connected – our body, feels terribly threatened. Enter doubt or I can’t or I don’t want to. Now all of a sudden what started out as a choice to improve a lifestyle becomes a burden. Becomes boring. Becomes work. Becomes unexciting.

So what do you do? You regroup. You re-evaluate what is important to you and what isn’t as important to you as maybe you once thought it was. You work on letting go of the expectation of a timeline. And you re-focus yourself on the present moment. The only moment that allows you the chance to make a different choice – no matter how great or small. The present moment is the only time that change can happen, that success can happen and where your dreams and your goals and your desires can happen.

We get very hung up with the future. With shoulding on ourselves. With setting expectations. With setting ourselves up for an all or nothing mentality. We get hung up on doing things “perfectly”. With following this or following that to the letter. And we forget about ourselves. We forget about acknowledging how we feel about it. We forget to give the power back to ourselves and not in a plan or in a list of have to’s.

The power of the present moment is so powerful and we let it go by everyday! So take it back! Do everything to keep it right in your hands everyday! The minute you feel doubt, or you feel boredom or you feel a moment of “weakness” start creeping its way back in. Relinquish that. Its a red flag for you to stop and observe what’s happening for you at the moment. What are you feeling and what is it that you really need. Stop, breathe and allow yourself to make the kind of choice that will leave you feeling powerful versus powerless!

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