Your Empowered Year

Hello Lovely!

YEYWe know you’re tired, we know you burn the candles at both ends. We also know that not only are you a lady boss, but maybe a mom, a wife, a daughter, possibly a caregiver, dare we say chef, chauffeur, Santa and the tooth fairy and maybe a few other things. We get it. We know what its like to do it all and still not feel like we are doing enough or doing it well enough. We know sleep is far and in between, we know stress is now part of your daily life and we know that you desperately want it to be different.

That’s why we created this phenomenal, kick-ass, fun, come as you are and just be, empowering retreat for you to not only set the intentions of having a powerful year, no matter what your goals are, but to actually follow through, grow and successfully obtain whatever those goals are.

We wanted to cut through the fluff, not sugar a coat a damn thing, save your precious time and tell you efficiently and directly, exactly what you can expect. Take a couple minutes and read below. You are about to enter something unlike anything you may have “tried” before. We can 99% guarantee it.

Check the details and hopefully we’ll be seeing your beautiful bad ass self at the retreat…..


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