Finding Health Regardless of Weight

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Can we let go of the scale? Can we let go of the number on our clothing? Can we at least consider what that would feel like if we did? Seriously, what would that feel like to you? Would it be scary? Would it be freeing?

 If this hasn’t been a question you’ve ever considered, honestly, how does it feel to consider this way of living? I’ve always found it interesting when clients come in and the first thing they typically say is that they want to “feel” healthier. Or they want to eat “healthier”. Mostly this is followed by the true desire to change the number on the scale or a dress size.  Why does a number either from a scale or clothing trump how we choose to feel every day? Or determine our true health for that matter? How does this determine our quality of life? Why would a number determine if we have more joy in our life? Can we not experience more joy, pleasure, self-worth, unless we wear a particular size clothing or weigh a particular number on the scale?

 Believe it or not, weight has very little to do with health….there are too many things that determine our weight in general. From bone structure, genetics, our pre-disposition of how much body fat we are programmed to have, how much muscle (muscles weighs far more fat) we have. There are numerous things that determine our actual weight. Sure, science tells us that certain body shapes can make us at higher risk for certain diseases, AND at the same time, the weight at which we are at, and our body shape doesn’t necessarily mean we will for sure be destined for disease.

 So, how can we find health regardless of weight? Lets change our perspective a little. What about your life right now doesn’t “feel” healthy? When you say you want to “feel” healthier. What does that even mean to you? Does it mean your daily habits or patterns? Does it mean your sleep cycles or your screen time? What does that mean? What I’m getting at, is how can you allow yourself to feel healthier right now? Whats one thing you can do/shift/choose differently that would make you feel healthier right now? We often think that there needs to be a delay or waiting period in order to feel the ways we desire, when in reality, we simply have that power to feel as wish by simply changing our thoughts and our focuses. Take an inventory of your thoughts, your focus, your behavioral patterns, cycles and tendencies. Really take a look at these. Are they here because its what you are used to doing? You don’t even think about it? What if you thought about everything you did. Really think about it and really start to connect to what that actually feels like to you on the inside? Does this habit make you feel “healthy” – however you are defining that? Does this routine or way of reacting to your day bring you joy or make you feel alive and positive?  Are your habits motivating and rewarding for you. Or are they simply habits or patterns that you’ve just fallen into or feel that there isn’t another way?

Finding and having health has more to do with our habits/patterns/personal outlooks/daily self-talk versus weight. When we are participating in habits that feel good to our soul and our core, there is true motivation for us to continue because this is what feels good regardless of what your body weighs. And as we become more in alignment with what it is we desire, other biomarkers and our weight, if it wants to change, typically will naturally change as well.

So what can this have to do with seeing an RD as myself? Well, part of these habits/patterns/behaviors and choices are also about how you choose to fuel yourself. Which brings me to asking how your relationship with food is?  But lets talk about that next time. And for now, take an inventory. See where you can make even subtle changes to feeling into what makes you “feel” healthier. That can be as simple as getting rid of a clothing item or any other item that makes you feel meh or blah or icky. Adding a new piece of clothing or jewelry or a pretty bowl or a new book or pen etc. Anything that makes you feel awesome or alive or beautiful or brings you joy. It could be getting up 5 min sooner to sit and stretch and breath and set an intention for your day. It could be to journal 5-10 things (or more) that you are grateful for on a daily basis….these types of actions and behaviors shift energy and build momentum to drive and help bring forth more of what feels good and motivating for you.


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