Professionals dedicated to creating sound programs, counseling and training for YOUR Way Of Life.

Nutritional Coaching with Registered Dietitians


We offer creative nutritional coaching to fit the way you think, learn and live! In-person, phone consults and e-mail consults also available. Whether you’re looking for nutritional counseling for weight management, sports nutrition, digestive health or disordered eating; Let us help you achive optimal nutrition through body awareness! We offer guidance for meat eaters and vegans alike!

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Personal Training with Certified Personal Trainers

Our personal training programs can be conducted in our office, your home or your worksite! Our training is great for anyone looking to train for a sporting event, learn a program to do at home or at the gym or achieve fat loss or muscle gain. You’ll receive top knotch education on how your body works and what you need to do to achieve the results you are looking for. Way Of Life offers sessions in 30 or 60 minute increments. Call for a complete assessment and let us help fit you with the program that’s right for your goals and lifestyle.

**Remember, this is all about you and we work with how you work!**

Partner & Small Group Training Options Available

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They say 2 is better than 1 or how about 3 or 4….maybe make it a training “party”. We’ll work with you to create the kind of positive exercise, nutrition experience you are looking for.

In-home Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching or Classes Available

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If you are most comfortable in an in-home setting, we are happy to set up this arrangement. The possibilities are endless and we want the best setting for you! Call to see what in-home programs and group classes we have created for other satisfied customers.


Corporate Wellness Programs

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We work with businesses assisting them to reach health and wellness goals for their employees.

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