Nicole is recognized state-wide aNicole Kerneen Headshotnd nationally as a Registered Dietitian and is also a Certified dietitian through the state of Wisconsin. She is also a Board Certified Sports Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer and Physical Fitness Instructor.

She has had the opportunity to work in traditional and non-traditional settings of dietetics including hospitals, long-term care facilities, restaurants, cookware companies, food and beverage companies, health clubs, day spas as well as, professional, amateur, college and high school sports teams.

Nicole’s areas of expertise include: Wellness and lifestyle coaching, weight management, behavior modification, eating disorders, vegetarian lifestyles, gluten-free living, sports nutrition, recipe and menu design and development.

Nicole has a “whole-istic” approach to her practice. She believes the mind and body must work together to create permanent changes in one’s life. Improving your eating habits is to improve your quality of life. Nicole has inspired her clientele to see things from different angles by increasing their understanding as to how food relates to their body and lifestyle. Through empowering and inspiring behavior change, she has brought her clientele to success and increased their commitment to health and fitness for a lifetime.

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