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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


Certified Personal Trainer 

Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics 


About me

Nicole is recognized state-wide and nationally as a Registered Dietitian and is also a Certified dietitian through the state of Wisconsin. She is also a Board Certified Sports Dietitian and a Certified Personal Trainer and Physical Fitness Instructor.

She has had the opportunity to work in traditional and non-traditional settings of dietetics including hospitals, long-term care facilities, restaurants, cookware companies, food and beverage companies, health clubs, day spas as well as, professional, amateur, college and high school sports teams.

Nicole’s areas of expertise include: Wellness and lifestyle coaching, behavior modification, intuitive eating, body positivity and acceptance, eating disorders, vegetarian lifestyles, sports nutrition, recipe design and development.

Nicole has a “whole-istic” approach to her practice. She believes the mind and body must work together to create permanent changes in one’s life. Nicole will explore your own beliefs around food and how it has impacted your life. From there you will feel empowered and with confidence, will begin to choose to create new beliefs around who you are today, let go or keep beliefs you’ve allowed to guide you in the past and step into a more balanced, authentic and purposeful life!

Nicole has inspired her clientele to see things from a different perspective by increasing their understanding as to how food relates to their body and lifestyle. Through empowering and inspiring behavior change, she has brought her clientele to success and freedom around food, fitness and health.

My Philosophy

Way Of Life is a philosophy that empowers the individual to reach any goal. We personalize every plan to your individual needs! There are no “cookie-cutter” plans or answers here! Everything is based on you, how your body works, your lifestyle, your health status and history and your personal health goals!

Way Of Life has been helping people reach their highest potential since 2000. We have a sound track record of empowering individuals to work WITH themselves and stop working against themselves.

Once you begin to work with your body, your energy and flow of life, results begin to take place. Discover your potential, achieve a higher level of living and understanding with Way Of Life!

To get on track with your potential, give us at a call at 414-940-6662 or visit my Contact page!


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Do you work virtually with people?
Absolutely! We can decide how we work together. I can work with you however you wish, phone, skype, facetime, or zoom.
Do you accept insurance?

I currently do not accept insurance in my practice. 

I have lots of injuries and limitations. Is Personal Training for me?
Absolutely. One of my passions is helping people be active in any current state they are in. Too often we focus on our limitations and ignore all the possibility that we actually have. This is my main philosophy as we are always working with our bodies and never against.
I hate exercise and I know I need to. What do I do?
Awesome! So glad you are here. We’ll spend some time looking at your exercises practices in the past, your beliefs about exercise, your ideals around exercise and find out what motivates you and what doesn’t motivate you. From there we’ll discover an exercise plan that more suitable to where you are at right now!
I prefer working out at home and I travel a lot for work, how can I maintain consistency with my exercise?
Perfect! One of my favorite things is creating easy to follow, home programs that require no equipment and can be done in small spaces if need be. I always take your entire lifestyle into consideration when planning any exercise or eating plan for my clients.
But I hate vegetables. Don’t make me eat them!
Great, I won’t. When it comes to nutrition, we can get creative as to how we receive certain nutrients we need. I’m not a fan of making anyone eat any particular thing no matter how nutritious it is. We have access to so much variety of food. There isn’t one way to eat nutritionally balanced. And that means including pizza and chocolate. Balance is always the goal and we can find that in countless places.
I feel shame around my food habits. I know I need a change, but its hard for me to talk about and admit.
All the more that I want to work with you! You’ll never receive judgment on what you eat or how you eat. This is all about exploring the why’s. Where are you at when you are eating? Where is your mind when you are eating? What is happening in your day that may or may not affect your food choices? Are you distracted? Are you present? Are you present and also in your body – most people live in their head and have a huge disconnect between their body and their mind. This disconnect usually is a cause for a lot of our choices. We’ll also discuss your beliefs around food as well or certain food practices. And most importantly, we’ll help shape a more balanced perspective and empowered self around food, your body and life in general through the process!

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