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Nutrition Services

Professionals dedicated to creating sound programs, counseling and training for YOUR Way Of Life.

Nutritional Coaching with Registered Dietitians 

We offer creative nutritional coaching to fit the way you think, learn and live! In-person, phone consults and e-mail consults also available. Whether you’re looking for nutritional counseling for weight management, sports nutrition, digestive health or disordered eating; Let us help you achive optimal nutrition through body awareness! We offer guidance for meat eaters and vegans alike!

Personal Training with Certified Personal Trainers 

Our personal training programs can be conducted in our office, your home or your worksite! Our training is great for anyone looking to train for a sporting event, learn a program to do at home or at the gym or achieve fat loss or muscle gain. You’ll receive top notch education on how your body works and what you need to do to achieve the results you are looking for. Way Of Life offers sessions in 30 or 60 minute increments. Call for a complete assessment and let us help fit you with the program that’s right for your goals and lifestyle.

**Remember, this is all about you and we work with how you work!**

    Partner & Small Group Training Options Available 

    They say 2 is better than 1 or how about 3 or 4….maybe make it a training “party”. We’ll work with you to create the kind of positive exercise, nutrition experience you are looking for.

    In-home Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching or Classes Available 

    If you are most comfortable in an in-home setting, we are happy to set up this arrangement. The possibilities are endless and we want the best setting for you! Call to see what in-home programs and group classes we have created for other satisfied customers.

    Corporate Wellness Programs 

    We work with businesses assisting them to reach health and wellness goals for their employees..

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn How it Works!

    Do you work virtually with people?
    Absolutely! We can decide how we work together. I can work with you however you wish, phone, skype, facetime, or zoom.
    Do you accept insurance?
    I currently do not accept insurance in my practice. However, I do consult in another location that does accept insurance that provides coverage for medical nutrition therapy. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
    I have lots of injuries and limitations. Is Personal Training for me?
    Absolutely. One of my passions is helping people be active in any current state they are in. Too often we focus on our limitations and ignore all the possibility that we actually have. This is my main philosophy as we are always working with our bodies and never against.
    I hate exercise and I know I need to. What do I do?
    Awesome! So glad you are here. We’ll spend some time looking at your exercises practices in the past, your beliefs about exercise, your ideals around exercise and find out what motivates you and what doesn’t motivate you. From there we’ll discover an exercise plan that more suitable to where you are at right now!
    I prefer working out at home and I travel a lot for work, how can I maintain consistency with my exercise?
    Perfect! One of my favorite things is creating easy to follow, home programs that require no equipment and can be done in small spaces if need be. I always take your entire lifestyle into consideration when planning any exercise or eating plan for my clients.
    But I hate vegetables. Don’t make me eat them!
    Great, I won’t. When it comes to nutrition, we can get creative as to how we receive certain nutrients we need. I’m not a fan of making anyone eat any particular thing no matter how nutritious it is. We have access to so much variety of food. There isn’t one way to eat nutritionally balanced. And that means including pizza and chocolate. Balance is always the goal and we can find that in countless places.
    Will you help me follow a keto diet or any other number of short term fad diet that’s out there?
    I don’t know. It depends if you really understand what that actually means for your body, your current lifestyle, the short-term and the long-term? Keto was designed for a specific function and for a particular amount of time. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing or anything, but there are so many considerations to think about. I think making a real informed decision after having the facts is always a smart way to go!
    So many people get easily roped in to these very appealing concepts that come in easy to follow packages. These concepts are not always the most nutritionally based or founded on real evidence and sound studies. I’m not ever not going to help someone achieve the goal they have in mind. I’m just not an advocate in extremes to getting there. Extremes usually result in a bounce back from the restriction and suppression of what one really wants and that creates more mind confusion and disorder then its worth. Its also terribly hard on the body. Especially when extremes are repeated.
    I feel shame around my food habits. I know I need a change, but its hard for me to talk about and admit.
    All the more that I want to work with you! You’ll never receive judgment on what you eat or how you eat. This is all about exploring the why’s. Where are you at when you are eating? Where is your mind when you are eating? What is happening in your day that may or may not affect your food choices? Are you distracted? Are you present? Are you present and also in your body – most people live in their head and have a huge disconnect between their body and their mind. This disconnect usually is a cause for a lot of our choices. We’ll also discuss your beliefs around food as well or certain food practices. And most importantly, we’ll help shape a more balanced perspective and empowered self around food, your body and life in general through the process!

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