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How are those goals coming along for the year? Typically, researchers tell us that any new goal set in motion at the new year, is long forgotten by March. I find, that March, really sets a tone for beginning something new. It seems that the winter months of January through beginning of March is a time of reflection, evaluation, and a time to take a “value” inventory.  At this point of the year is when I see clients start really getting clear on their desires around health and life for the rest of the year.

So where do you stand on your personal desires and goals for the year around health and otherwise? Have you taken some time to really get clear on what you want to work towards and include more of this year?

Let’s review what you may have set in motion for yourself.

1) When you think about your goals or intentions that you set for the year, how do they make you feel? Do you feel enlivened, energized, excited, motivated? Or do you feel weighed down, overwhelmed, or sluggish about putting these into action?

How you feel about your goal is a big indicator if it’s something you really want. How can you turn your goal into something that brings life and excitement to you? Can you reframe or re-write that goal to do that?

2) When you think about your goal, are you envisioning yourself already achieving it? Can you see it? Can you feel it? What does it look like and feel like to have achieved this goal? Get clear on that. Write down what it feels like and then feel yourself as already achieving this goal. Feel it every day! Write down what it actually looks like to achieve this goal. What will you be doing? How will things be different? How will your life or daily routines change? Really envision this as already your truth and reality.

When we imagine and really practice in our mind what that will feel like, we are already embodying the goal before it has arrived. We already have what we want. How can we live our life in a way that actually reflects that.

    1. Often times people will say “when” this happens to me, I will do “x” or get “x”…instead, feel what that will be like right now and start living that life now! By doing so, that goal will have life and wings to really come alive. Or it will take a different shape because you realized you may already have what you wanted, you just weren’t allowing yourself the experience.
    1. 3) Take those visions and feelings from your writing and make a list of the actions steps that you can take, no matter big or small. They all lead to your goal. What would some of those action steps look like? What’s one thing that you could do different to start living this goal out? It could be the smallest little action and that very action will set the tone for a ripple effect of excitement and change as you successfully make this happen!
    1. 4) Map out your achievements! Get a written calendar or journal so you can literally write down when you took a step – what was that step, how did it feel, would there be anything you would do different the next time you take that step or was it satisfying just as it is? Everything you do something towards your goal, write it in your calendar so you can literally see the actions you’ve put into place. Celebrate those actions on a daily or weekly basis!

 5) Be flexible, patient and have love and compassion for yourself through this time of change and expansion! Especially when things don’t always go as you have it in your mind. The “how” you get to the goal may change, keep your sites on the goal. And sometimes even the goal gets tweaked and modified as you keep progressing. You may discover that what you really want is something different.

 6) And finally, seek support! Get a support team that you can call on and talk things through. Hire a professional to help you sort things out as well. This is no need to go about it alone.


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