Trusting Your Body Part 1 Article:

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Healthy Bites

Trust my body? What? “My body hates me”, says one client, “My body keeps growing”, says another client with fear, “My body is so annoying”, says another client, with frustration….

Have you ever thought or said some of these same things? Our bodies are incredible. Literally

I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E……So often, I find, that my clients want to learn to “control” their bodies, “slap” them around a bit to “shape up” or “just do what I say already”….why are we trying to punish something for simply protecting us, for supporting our existence, and for allowing us to actually walk this life and do whatever we wish? We seem to be so hung up with how we look (which is only based on how media and other false messaging, tells us we “should” look) that we miss out on enjoying how it feels to just be! To just be alive. To do the things we love doing, to enjoying foods we enjoy or smells or sights that we enjoy. We are not connecting to all the senses we have been given to create a very rich life.  And we seem to put so much emphasis and pressure on how a body looks, performs or functions as to define how great a life is. You know what I mean? 

How often have you or someone you know or something you read or heard said, I’ll enjoy “X” when I weigh “x amount”. Or I’ll buy myself new clothes when I look different. Or, I’ll wear a bikini only when etc…..Why are we limiting our life experience to our body design? 

Whenever I’m working with someone and we get to the part where people want to know timelines for results or they want to talk about what they expect to happen or ask me what I expect from their body the next time we meet for a follow-up. And every time, I say, I expect nothing from your body. We can’t put timelines on our bodies. We can’t put demands on them simply because we want it to be so. The only thing we CAN do, is choose to care and support ourselves as best as possible. Typically, these are the very things we are outlining together in a session, as taking care of our bodies and selves, nutritionally and otherwise, are very different for everyone. The point is, is that, when we take care of and show up for ourselves and our bodies, our bodies just naturally follow suit. So how do we care for our bodies, well, it begins with trust, patience and acceptance. 

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll break down the steps for developing more self-trust with your body and self. I’ve created 7 steps total. And in September, I’m offering a Trusting Your Body course that uses the steps and principles that will follow in the next couple weeks, plus some extra tools. Find the link below for more info and to sign-up!  

Until then, consider looking at your own thoughts, expectations or beliefs about your body. Do you put expectations on your body? Are you limiting your experiences of life due to how your body looks, performs or functions? 


If you want to start really digging deep into this subject and how this relates to your nutrition and health, or just want to get a better handle on your nutrition, feel free to contact me below!


Sign-up for my Trusting Your Body Training! This is a live virtual event – it will be recorded, you do not need to attend to reap all the benefits. We’ll break down the 7 steps, plus some extras. This is where you will learn to connect, listen in and start trusting your body. This is a 4-session course. Each week, we’ll have specific assignments and exercises to help you tune in to this lifelong practice. Help yourself to start working with your body versus against. Develop the most important partnership in your life: You and your body! 

Beginning September 13th – Oct 4th!

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