Trusting Your Body – Part 3

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Healthy Bites

Welcome back to the final segment of Trusting Your Body. Below are the final 4 suggestions and ideas of how to develop a life-long trusting partnership with your body and self. 

4) Your body reflects your thoughts, beliefs and the words you use: How we feel on the inside, often reflects on the outside. If we are feeling low energy, if we are achy, if we are not feeling motivated or if we are just feeling meh. These feelings and therefore outer behaviors or reflections, may have more to do with the thoughts you pay attention to in your mind. Or the beliefs that you may have around a certain topic or job or task that you are doing or the people that you are with. 

The great news is that we have the ability to change our thoughts and beliefs around things whenever we want! We just need to be aware of what those actually are and how often we think them. From there, we can choose a different route. For example: Instead of thinking, “I can’t ever get ahead” or “Nothing goes my way” or “I’m never going to be able to do this”. How about switching to “Everything works to my greatest good” “I see myself clearly, easily and effortlessly making this goal happen”. The thing is, is what we believe, we become, what we think, will show up. Go back and re-read the first thoughts and see how those make you and your body feel energetically? Then re-read the revised thoughts, see if you can tell how different that literally feels on the inside and how much more energy you receive from those!

5) Practice choosing to feel good: Similar to what was stated above, making a concerted effort to choose to feel good. I often say to my clients, go where the joy is. Meaning, when they tell me a statement or something that feels true to them. I ask, is that where your joy is? Usually the answer is no. So, why do you keep going back to that statement or behavior? Right? So go where the joy is. And even if we are in a place where we have no idea where or what that is anymore, the good part is we can get back relatively easily and quickly, simply by tapping in to how the body feels with any statement you make or even hear from another. Check in with any thought you hold about anything or anyone. Do this with everything! Sitting in traffic “This traffic sucks – switch to “I am grateful for my vehicle that safely takes me where I need to go. I feel uncomfortable in heavy traffic and accept that I am safe and that it’s a part of living in a city that I absolutely love”

6) Communicate with your body: When you trust your body, you are able to work with it – in partnership – versus against it. Instead of fighting with it, you are allowing the possibility and opportunity to see that your body is always trying to move you forward, and it always seeks balance. Balance in health and balance as you walk through life.

  • No one knows your body more than you do. Always be an advocate for yourself.
  • As your thought determines your reality, you cannot force your body to do something it isn’t meant to do. Instead of thinking you can “will” something on your body, work with it and ask what would feel right to it. 
  • Work with it if you are sick, ask what it needs and what would bring you back to balance. Maybe its rest or a leisure walk.
  • Help your body to alleviate stress. When we are in a state of stress and anxiety, we are living in our minds and not in our bodies, thus loosing communication between the 2. When we return to our bodies through our breath during stressful times, we return to a state of empowerment and solution, versus a feeling of helplessness and falling in the state of a victim. 

7) Have gratitude for your body: Our bodies are magnificent. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to experience all the things we can in this life. Take time often to feel gratitude for your body. As an example, after a long walk you can say to yourself – Thank you feet, thank you legs, thank you knees, for allowing me to do the activities I love, which allows me to feel what I want to feel and experience the things that bring me joy, happiness and balance in my life. Or, simply, at random parts of the day, whether you just did something you didn’t think you could do or healed from something quickly, or just because, say “I love my body.” Numerous studies have been done on the effects of positive thoughts and words on a body or other objects and how they literally can alter the cellular structure and function of them. 

I hope you enjoyed this series. Feel free to reach out if you wish to continue this conversation more specifically to you and your needs. And if you want to dive a bit deeper, check out my Trusting Your Body course. For 4-weeks, we’ll break down each of these steps further to really empower and equip you to be in alignment with body and self!  Find the details below. 


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