B2P’s: Fueling on Purpose Workbook + Self-guided Lifestyle Program


Fueling on Purpose Book + 4-week Self-Guided Video Lifestyle Series!!

**Receive the Self-Guided Series Immediately!!

***The book will be mailed out to you at the address indicated in the sale. Should you prefer a different address to mail the book to, please email us at between2pastries@gmail.com 

This is a tremendous deal! Fueling on Purpose is an interactive workbook designed to help you learn to eat intuitively and form a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image! This workbook offers self-guided worksheets, activites, and online modules hosted by Nicole and Annie! In addition, this book also offers lots of recipes and additional educational materials to boot!

In addition, receive the powerful, super info packed 4-week self-guided lifestyle series as well! Below is the description of each week. You'll receive links to each week and all materials as a pdf. Take you time and really dig into this info! The video series with the book as a companion is an excellent way to really drive home a positive, realistic, body/physiology supportive approach to health, weight, exercise and life!

Self-Guided 4-Week Video Series

Week 1: We discuss Balanced Eating and Timing. What does that even mean?! So many people don't understand what balance actually is because they are so lost in the webbing of diet culture, false claims, and skewed research. Let's unravel all of that and talk about what food balance really is.
Week 2:  Body Image. What actually does it mean to have positive body image? How do you achieve it? Let's talk about body image and its relationship to our eating behaviors.
Week 3: Movement and Eating. Whether you are a general exerciser or pro athlete, it's so important to understand the relationship between all your movement, food, and your body. Not one body is alike so why are we all doing the same thing?!
Week 4: We tackle  Sleep, Stress, and Hormones. You may think this topic isn't that important but when was the last time you recall having a restful night of sleep, or not feeling stressed?...or not wondering why your body is changing?....or mood all over the place? Food and its relationship to sleep, stress, and hormones is a topic that must be discussed.


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