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by | Aug 11, 2021 | Healthy Bites

Last month we started the conversation of how we may disconnect with our body and what it would look like to be in partnership. Below are the first three concepts to developing a trusting partnership with your body and self. 

There comes a point in our life, that we go from having a very natural, trusting and accepting relationship with our bodies to a relationship of discontent and even disgust.  So how do we get back to a place of trust?

1) Acceptance and Forgiveness: No matter where we are at, we need to accept ourselves at this very space and time. Not when something else happens or everything falls into place precisely as you want it to, but right now. And I don’t mean accept where we are at and continue hurting and bashing ourselves for where we are at. I mean, accepting our bodies, for all that they are, for all that they do for us, despite what awful things we having tendencies of doing to them. To accept and take responsibility for any and all choices and actions or inactions that we make or have made in our past because that was all we knew or that is what we thought we needed to do, even though those choices went against listening to our bodies limits and truly caring for our body. And to truly and I mean TRULY forgive ourselves and have compassion for ourselves for all of it as well. 

Remember, this isn’t about feeling “guilty” for what we do or choose or what we have done, its simply standing in our power and saying “Yes, this is what I chose to do or have chosen to do in the past.  I take responsibility, without hating on myself or body for it. I recognize this may have not been the best thing at the time and I deeply understand, these choices were made based on where I was at in my time of life and what I knew then.”

2) Listen to your body: Start tuning in to what your body is trying to tell you. You can do this by simply noticing. And noticing without judgement or annoyance, but rather, curiosity.  Whether you sit, close your eyes, take a solid 3 slow breaths and just scan your body, see where there is tension from your toes to your jaw? This is great feedback to where you may be carrying stress. Maybe your body doesn’t feel great doing certain movements or tasks. With this information, how can you become a better partner to your body? What can help your body release that which doesn’t serve you. Can you let go of that tension, no matter what it represents?

3) Follow your gut: When you eat, not only tune in to how much your body wants at that given meal, or time, but really tune in to what’s even happening  before you eat.  Are you even eating what you really desire, or are you eating what you think you should eat? Are you eating flavors you want or are you sticking to things that feel bland because you think you have to or it just feels easier? Pay attention to how you feel during the meal; are you satisfied? Do you enjoy your food and the experience? Are you paying attention to the experience or are you distracted? How quickly are you eating? And when is your body saying its had enough? There are times when we will eat quickly and we won’t always pay attention and that’s ok, its just the idea to become more mindful to the activity of eating and the communication/cues that your body is always sending you. 

Next week, we’ll go through the final 4 steps. And be sure to sign-up for my 4-week course on Trusting Your Body. Click the link to learn more and sign-up for this live virtual event. All sessions will be recorded and if you can’t attend, you’ll reap all the same benefit. 


If you want to start really digging deep into this subject and how this relates to your nutrition and health, or just want to get a better handle on your nutrition, feel free to contact me below!


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